What business value will the next generation of CMMI provide?

The next generation of CMMI is rooted in helping build dynamic organizational capability by identifying key organizational capabilities that directly impact ROI, reduce costs, and increase quality.

The goals of the next generation of CMMI are to:

  • Deliver the best solutions to elevate and benchmark organizational performance with demonstrated results
  • Demonstrate that the higher the CMMI maturity level achieved, the better an organization performs

The next generation of CMMI will deliver:

  • Built-in performance management to provide internal benchmarks for continuous improvement
  • More frequent performance measures for assessing impact over time
  • Confidence for organizations looking to benchmark their performance and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction when competing for business
  • A solution that is easy to adopt/use and at a lower cost

This means:

  • Building stability in key capabilities by investing in an organizational culture of continuous improvement
  • Leveraging this stability to move to organizational agility where innovation and competitive advantage kick in
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