What business value will CMMI V2.0 provide?

CMMI V2.0:

  • Delivers the best solutions to elevate and benchmark organizational performance with demonstrated results.
  • Helps organizations quickly identify the key capabilities that directly impact business results, return on investment (ROI), quality, and performance while reducing costs and time to market.
  • Efficiently builds cultures of continuous improvement using best-in-class practices with a focus on optimizing performance to the level needed for the organization.
  • Enables, at high maturity, a quantitative understanding of the risk and the ability to predict achievement of performance goals.

CMMI V2.0 helps organizations raise performance by focusing on improving key capabilities that are critical to their business. These high-performing organizations know that they must invest in an organizational culture of continuous improvement to achieve their business goals. Leveraging these capabilities enables organizational agility which in turns drives innovation and competitive advantage.

CMMI V2.0 will help you deliver more value faster and at less cost with greater impact through these new enhancements:

Built-in Performance Capabilities – Performance drives business, and CMMI V2.0 ensures organizations understand performance needs, establish performance goals, and track, measure, and achieve those goals. All organizations—even those just beginning their process improvement journey—can benefit by embedding performance into their processes.

  • Use performance as a continuum to bridge the work effort to the business impacts and rewards.
  • Track progress from one CMMI Maturity Level to the next by model or capability area.
  • Showcase performance results and improvements more visibly with a performance report tied to each benchmark appraisal.

Improved Reliability and Value – CMMI Institute understands the importance of improving the confidence and reliability of appraisal results while also lowering the total life cycle costs. CMMI V2.0 appraisals fit the business needs of any organization, regardless of industry or size.

  • Statistically-validated random sampling approach reduces the likelihood of ‘false positives’ and ‘false negatives’ and biases in data analysis.
  • Advanced notice of appraisal scope and substantial reduction in size of the CMMI reduces the organizational preparation time involved.
  • Scalable processes simplify first time appraisals and reappraisals.

Expanded Impact – CMMI V2.0 provides the stability and flexibility that organizations need to stay relevant in an ever-changing performance improvement landscape. CMMI V2.0 integrates with the latest trend methodologies used in the market and improves their implementation and performance.

  • Adds new capability areas, such as Safety and Security, that address business critical needs.
  • Built in agile with Scrum guidance highlights the synergy between CMMI and agile, eases the learning curve for agile organizations adopting CMMI V2.0, and guides scaling agile performance across the enterprise.
  • Introduces a scalable architecture platform that simplifies how additional method guidance is provided.
  • Provides the ability to evolve and add new context information over time as new approaches or methods arise.

Easier Usability – CMMI V2.0 is easier for users to read, understand, and tailor to fit specific organizational needs. Provided guidance makes it easier for users to adopt CMMI V2.0.

  • Online platform provides the flexibility for users to view, customize, and use CMMI V2.0 in the manner they prefer.
  • Implementation tools provide guidance to new adopters of CMMI V2.0 as well as experienced users transitioning from CMMI V1.3.
  • Non-technical language makes CMMI V2.0 easier to read and understand.


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