How will you ensure CMMI implementations will result in increased performance? How will we know and what will we need to do?

One of CMMI V2.0’s primary goals is to truly demonstrate the capability of any organization and ensure a focus on continuous improvement. This will be accomplished by:

  • Providing more timely appraisals: The option to conduct more frequent appraisals will give stakeholders more insight and confidence in their organization’s current state and Maturity Level status.
  • Adding performance practices at all levels: CMMI V2.0 stresses that performance is important for organizations at any level and provides a straightforward path to high maturity.
  • Including a performance report that is provided to the appraisal sponsor to enable more effective awareness of and ability to address organizational performance results.
  • Transforming Generic Practices to Building and Sustaining Practice Areas: This enables your organization to make your process persistent and habitual.

The combination of the above will ensure that you understand and are managing not just your capability and maturity on an ongoing basis, but also the performance of your organization.


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