How to Upgrade Your CMMI Training

Upgrade your CMMI training from CMMI V1.3 to CMMI V2.0:

Students previously trained under CMMI V1.3 (or students who have upgraded their CMMI training to CMMI V1.3) may upgrade their training to CMMI V2.0 by completing CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training in one of the following course formats: 

  • Partner-led Upgrade Training for CMMI V2.0 (1-day, in-person delivery) 
  • Elearning Upgrade Training for CMMI V2.0 (1-day, self-paced online delivery, available Q4 2018) 

Either course will upgrade the students’ training to CMMI V2.0 for all content areas, including Development, as well as content areas not yet released (e.g., Services, Supplier Management, Security, etc.) Completing the standard 2-day “Foundations of Capability” course will also upgrade students to CMMI V2.0. 

The 1-day “Elearning Upgrade Training for CMMI V2.0” will be available directly through the CMMI Institute starting in Q4 2018, and will be available for $600 per registrant. 

As a part of the delivery for each of these licensed upgrade courses, students will receive temporary access to the CMMI V2.0 Model Viewer and the ability to download PDF copy of the CMMI V2.0 Model, which is theirs to retain. 

Students will also be granted one attempt to the Certified CMMI Associate Exam, which is now a requirement for all ATMs serving on a CMMI V2.0 appraisal (see here for the full list of requirements). 

Upgrade your CMMI training from CMMI V1.x to CMMI V1.3:

Completion of the Fundamentals of CMMI course ( now meets any requirement calling for CMMI Version 1.2 or CMMI Version 1.3 Upgrade Training.

If an individual previously attended a licensed/official offering of Introduction to CMMI, either based on Version 1.1 or on Version 1.2, then that individual can complete the Fundamentals of CMMI elearning to upgrade their training to CMMI Version 1.3.

We had specific V1.1-to-V1.2 and V1.2-to-V1.3 upgrade training courses available previously, but they did not contain enough content for students who haven’t taken any official CMMI training in at least 5 years (and closer to 10 years in many cases). The Fundamentals of CMMI course includes much more content, and provides the student with significantly more usable information than the upgrade training courses.

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