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The course overview page has some general information about the course: A detailed course syllabus is provided upon registration, but some specifics are below. We recommend learners follow the syllabus provided with the course as it breaks the content up over a couple of weeks and provides reflection activities that will help you to understand the concepts within the context of your organization.

Course Overview

Organizations require effective data management programs. The DMM model helps organizations become more proficient in managing critical data assets to improve operations, enable analytics, and gain competitive advantage.

The CMMI Institute’s Building Enterprise Data Management Capabilities elearning program is an introductory course that provides:

  • A self-paced program that allows professionals to take the course when it is convenient for them (the course is available online and on-demand).
  • A thorough introduction to the Data Management Model including its five data management categories and associated process areas.
  • Instruction on the model’s supporting processes used for the purposes of supporting, adopting, executing, and improving data management processes.
  • Informative content designed to provide practical perspectives on the DMM model, its approaches, and the value it adds to any organization’s data management program.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the DMM approach, structure, and themes.
  • Outline the value of the DMM as a measurement instrument for evaluating data management capabilities.
  • Identify the process areas and implementation considerations for data management capabilities: benefits, obstacles, and success factors.
  • Describe and identify key elements relating to change management and building data management capabilities.
  • Apply the DMM as a guide to improving your data management program.

Course Details

The DMM elearning course will provide you with a thorough introduction to the DMM model. This foundation will ensure you are familiar with the model’s categories and associated process areas. The course will present the fundamental concepts pertaining to the DMM model and explain the benefits, obstacles, and implementation success factors associated with each process area. The course is structured as shown below.

Module Overview

  • Module 1: Course Introduction
  • Module 2: DMM Model and Method
  • Module 3: Data Management Strategy
  • Module 4: Data Governance
  • Module 5: Data Quality
  • Module 6: Data Operations
  • Module 7: Platform and Architecture
  • Module 8: Supporting Practices
  • Module 9: Process Improvement
  • Module 10: Course Summary & Conclusion

*The pace of learning is different for everyone but the average time to review one of these modules is about an hour.

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    Katie Dallaba

    The DMM Model is not included with the price of the Building Enterprise Data Management Capabilities Elearning. It is available separately to purchase:


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