Virtual CMMI Advisor

Here is some general information about the Virtual CMMI Advisor tool that might be helpful. Find out more at:

  • The tool covers the CMMI for Development model (CMMI-DEV), CMMI for Services model (CMMI-SVC), or both.
  • There are between 49-69 questions depending on whether you select the CMMI-DEV (49 questions), CMMI-SVC (57 questions), or combined version (69 questions).
  • The questions address 5 work categories and all 29 process areas within the models, including the 5 engineering process areas that are core to CMMI-DEV and the 7 service delivery process areas that are core for CMMI-SVC. Many questions go into the specific goals for the process areas.
  • The output report is available immediately once you submit all responses. The report is approximately 12-16 pages long and provides scores and recommendations at the process area-level of detail. 




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    Deen Blash

    Summary report doesn’t look right when I print
    The summary report always shows up on screen with the correct formatting. When the user clicks “print report” the tool simply prints the pages through the browser so the formatting depends on a combination of the browser used and its default print settings.

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