What is a Partner and how to become one

The Partner Network disseminates trusted, leading-edge CMMI Institute services and technologies throughout the global business community. CMMI Partners are organizations that are licensed to sponsor certified appraisers and instructors who are carefully qualified by us to deliver official CMMI-related products and services.

Partners provide standardized, officially licensed training and appraisal services to their clients. The links above describe the standard processes used by all our Partners, so you will want to ensure that you can fulfill these obligations if your application is approved. The process and knowledge needed to get certified as an instructorappraiserassociate, or professional is standardized as well but is not necessarily part of becoming or being a Partner.

Please note that no requirement exists for organizations to begin CMMI Institute partnership with a certified individual. Most Partners sponsor CMMI Institute-certified individuals (e.g., lead appraisers or instructors), but some do not sponsor anyone, or become Partners first and then choose to sponsor a certified individual later.

To get started, complete the New Partner Application form or request a Partner Fee Schedule to help you plan by emailing In addition to the one time $500 application fee, each Partner organization also pays an annual $1,000 web services fee plus any applicable certification support or product usage fees. Complete pricing details are included with the fee schedule.

*Please note that we are not accepting any new applications at this time due to the COVID-19 global health pandemic. We will resume accepting applications later in 2020 once the global crisis has passed.

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