What is a Partner and how to become one

The CMMI Institute is always looking for qualified organizations to become partners for the licensed delivery of CMMI and DMM products and services. The CMMI Institute Partner Network disseminates trusted, leading-edge CMMI Institute services and technologies throughout the global business community. Partners are organizations that are carefully trained, licensed, and evaluated by CMMI Institute to deliver official courses, methods, and processes.

Here’s a brief overview of how partnering works:

To get started, complete the New Partner Application form or request a Partner Fee Schedule to help you plan by emailing

The following links explain what being a CMMI Partner means and how Partners are expected to operate:

A detailed list of the benefits of becoming a Partner can be found here:

Partners provide standardized, officially licensed training and appraisal services to their clients. The links above describe the standard processes used by all our Partners, so you will want to ensure that you can fulfill these obligations if your application is approved. The process and knowledge needed to get certified as an instructorappraiser, or expert is standardized as well, but is not necessarily part of becoming or being a Partner.

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