How closely must I follow the guidance in the CMMI model?

CMMI should be used as the framework by which organizations and projects define the processes they follow. The model provides a set of “best practices” that enable managers and engineering staff to more consistently and more accurately plan and perform their work so that more predictable, higher quality products and services can be developed and delivered.

From here, we cannot presume to determine precisely how your organization needs to execute the practices to meet your business objectives. It is extremely difficult to answer definitively, without seeing and understanding the business environment.

Some conversations with a CMMI Partner, particularly one who has led appraisals, would help to plan your company’s improvement roadmap. You can find directories of both CMMI Partners and lead appraisers via:

Many organizations will engage with a consultant to help them to properly interpret the practices of the CMMI within the context of their business. The purpose of hiring these consultants should be to help ensure that the projects and the organization are building processes that incorporate the best practices of the CMMI with the activities performed by the project to ensure that what is deployed will meet the needs of the business. Many consultants will, quite appropriately, help organizations identify and document the processes being followed, and then help to map work products to CMMI practices.

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