What is the CMMI Product Suite?

The CMMI® Product Suite is a set of CMMI products that enables users to improve their processes. These products include:

-CMMI V2.0 models 

     - The Online Model Viewer (includes Development, Services, and Supplier Management views)

     - Downloadable PDF (includes Development, Services, and Supplier Management views)

-CMMI appraisal method

     - SCAMPI A,B, or C Appraisals (V1.3)

     - Benchmark, Sustainment, Evaluation, or Action Plan (V2.0)

-CMMI training courses

For V1.3      
      - Fundamentals of CMMI
      - Introduction to CMMI for Development
      - Introduction to CMMI for Services
      - Etc.
For V2.0
     - Foundations of Capability
     - Building Development Excellence
     - Building Services Excellence
     - Building Supplier Management Excellence
     - Etc. 
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