Does the CMMI Institute certify appraisals?

No. Beyond the confidentiality issue, the only first-hand knowledge the CMMI Institute has of an appraisal—except when an institute staff member participates—is that the appraisal has been performed by a person who was certified by the CMMI Institute (i.e., a certified Lead Appraiser).

A certified Lead Appraiser has permission to use CMMI Institute materials. Although prerequisite qualifications, random audits, and other mechanisms are in place to monitor a Lead Appraiser's performance, the CMMI Institute does not closely monitor every Lead Appraiser's performance.

The CMMI Institute's quality team performs quality reviews of appraisal records to assure their completeness and correctness. A method compliance test is performed on appraisal reports to assure that all phases of the appraisal were performed and appropriate information was provided to make the appraisal's circumstances understandable.

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