What is the Data Management Maturity ( DMM ) model?

The Data Management Maturity (DMM) model is a process improvement and capability maturity framework for the management of an organization’s data assets and corresponding activities. It contains best practices for establishing, building, sustaining, and optimizing effective data management across the data lifecycle, from creation through delivery, maintenance, and archiving. 

The DMM model's organized set of processes is applicable to all industries and any data management objective. It facilitates an organization’s appreciation for the management of data as critical infrastructure, through increasing capabilities and disciplined practices. 

While the DMM model defines the requirements and activities for effective data management, it is not prescriptive about how an organization should achieve these capabilities. The DMM is structured such that it can be used by organizations to not only assess their current state of capabilities, but also to build a customized roadmap for data management implementation. 

We have a number of DMM resources that may help, such as white papers and case studies, which can be found here.

The product suite supporting the DMM model features a standard method for conducting objective evaluations of the organization’s data management program, an organizational Partner program, and successive training courses leading to certification as an Enterprise Data Management Expert.

We recommend talking with an Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME). This would help to plan your company’s data management roadmap. You can search for DMM Partners with EDMEs here:

Another good early step would be the Building Enterprise Data Management Capabilities Elearning:

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