Do I need to be sponsored by a Partner to become certified?

In order to become a certified CMMI instructor or lead appraiser, or DMM expert, one must be sponsored by a Partner Network organization that is licensed to provide this service. The purpose of this process is to protect our intellectual property. There are terms and conditions within the Partner agreement between the CMMI Institute and the organization that cover both the certified individuals and the intellectual property that is used.

Primary sponsorship is required for almost all* of our certified roles. Without sponsorship the certifications become inactive and the individual loses access to the materials for these roles (via the Partner Resource Center). Additionally, any unpaid certification support fees for the unsponsored time must be paid if primary sponsorship is re-added later.

Information about becoming a CMMI Partner can be found here: Alternatively, if your organization is not interested in becoming a Partner then you can look to be sponsored by an existing Partner. A searchable directory of our Partners can be found at


*Except for Associate and Professional certifications

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