Can the CMMI Institute revise information posted on the Published Appraisal Results page (e.g., the organization’s name has changed)?

No. The result of an appraisal reflects a single point in time and the conditions that influenced the performance of the organization at that time. After the appraisal is finished, the CMMI Institute cannot make changes to the results that have been submitted. It is reasonable to expect that a change in an organizations name or a move to a new office building would not affect the process in use, but no reasonable process exists by which the institute can judge the impact on conditions that influence the performance of the organization.

A name change that involves a merger, acquisition, or joint venture (JV) with a different organization or the introduction of a new management team could affect the process in use; moving to a different location or making changes in staffing could also affect this process. A number of additional possibilities for changes may or may not affect existing processes. As a result, the CMMI Institute is not able to adjudicate the significance of such changes.

The appraised organization can offer a reasonable explanation to the public and it is not necessary for the CMMI Institute to endorse this judgment. Because the institute is not in a position to know enough about the context of these types of changes, it will not comment on the significance of such changes. However, Lead Appraisers are free to comment if they feel they understand the situation sufficiently, but they must assume the responsibility for this choice.

The Appraisal Disclosure Statement (ADS) is a good reference document for understanding the details of an appraisal. This document may be obtained from the appraisal sponsor.

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