How do I select a Partner as a consultant, Lead Appraiser, Instructor, or Data Management Expert?

The CMMI Institute and its partners offer CMMI and DMM-related consulting, training, and appraisal services. You can find a Partner organization that offers CMMI services near you. You can search for partners by name, services provided, or by location.

Partners organizations sponsor individuals who have been certified by the CMMI Institute under specific roles. These certifications include CMMI Instructor roles, CMMI Appraiser roles, People CMM roles, and DMM roles. For more information on these CMMI Institute certifications for individuals, see here.

The CMMI Institute does not recommend a particular partner organization or its employees. Your decision should be based on discussions with the Partners that you contact, and how compatible their experiences are with your organization's needs. If you have a question about whether an organization you are working with is a certified member of the Partner Network, check the directory. If they do not appear, contact for more information.

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