How does my organization get CMMI certified?

The phrase “CMMI Certification” is a commonly used term that is often not used accurately. The CMMI Institute does not certify the results of appraisals nor is there an official accreditation body for CMMI appraisals.

Certification of appraisal results involves periodic follow-up after appraisals and accepting legal responsibility for the performance of appraised organizations, and prescribing a shelf life for appraisal results. These characteristics are required for a program that provides certification of appraisal results.

CMMI supports only one of these requirements: appraisal results expire after a period of three years. The CMMI Institute urges customers to request a copy of an Appraisal Disclosure Statement (ADS) when evaluating suppliers. The ADS documents the achieved maturity level or capability level profile and documents which parts of the organization were appraised.

Organizations can report their CMMI-based achievements to the CMMI Institute to be published on the publicly available Published Appraisal Results web page.

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