Which organizations have achieved a CMMI maturity level?

See a list of these organizations in the public database of Published Appraisal Results (PARS). Once an appraisal has passed quality checkpoints, an authorization form is sent to the Lead Appraiser. If the organization wishes its appraisal results to be published in PARS, the appraisal sponsor authorizes it by signing and returning the authorization form. Once this form is received the appraisal detail is displayed.

Appraisal information reported to the CMMI Institute is treated as proprietary and confidential. An appraisal's results are owned by the appraisal sponsor (usually a person within the organization that was appraised). The sponsor may publicize this information at his or her discretion.

If the organization prefers to formalize the confidentiality of the appraisal being reported to the CMMI Institute, the Lead Appraiser can use the non-disclosure letter and the CMMI Institute Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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