3 CMMI models covering development, services, and procurement: Which CMMI model is right for us?

CMMI Institute models help identify and improve the key capabilities that elevate your organization’s performance, quality, and profitability. Many times in business, the problem or solution is not so obvious. With proven best practices, CMMI Institute models allow you to see how your organization’s existing processes measure up and where performance improvements are needed.

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All CMMI models share the same:

  • Architecture. All CMMI models have three parts: an introduction, the process areas and generic goals and practices, and the appendices. All CMMI models contain multiple process areas that each have a purpose statement, one or more goals, and multiple specific practices. They all have generic goals and practices that apply to all process areas. These are the most prominent similarities, but you will see others as well.
  • Core process areas. All CMMI models share 16 core process areas. These process areas are tailored for each model, but contain essentially the same information in each.
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