How to get certified as a CMMI appraiser or instructor?


CMMI Institute-certified Lead Appraisers work with thousands of organizations to confirm and publicize their accomplishments using the CMMI Appraisal Method.

CMMI Institute-Certified Lead Appraisers (LAs) lead trained teams of professionals in the appraisal of one or more CMMI process areas (using information collected from presentations, documents, and interviews) to determine an organization’s process capability or maturity level.

Whether working inside an organization as a Team Leader or as an external Lead Appraiser, CMMI appraisers serve a vital role to maintaining the vitality of CMMI-based improvement. 

CMMI Institute Certified Instructors are highly trained and experienced with the CMMI model and its methodologies. Each has demonstrated advanced competency in the CMMI model, experience with the courseware, and skill in educating adult learners in a classroom environment. Over 150,000 people have taken an introductory CMMI course. Become a Certified CMMI Instructor and join the elite community that serves the global demand for CMMI training.

More information about these and other individual certifications can be found here: 

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