What is a DMM assessment and how to get more information about it?

A DMM℠ assessment is a proven method for an organization to navigate and achieve maximum value from the DMM. We facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of your capabilities against the DMM benchmark, led by a certified Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME). When used in conjunction with the DMM model, this method allows an organization to quickly evaluate its current state of data management maturity relative to key goals, zero in on tactical improvements, and achieve actionable strategic plans for its data management program.

In a DMM℠ Assessment, a certified Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) facilitates the evaluation of your program against the Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model's documented best practices. A DMM Assessment is a workshop-based process that rapidly identifies an organization’s current capabilities, their maturity levels and practice areas where additional capabilities are required.

The result of the assessment is a detailed report of recommendations used to guide the organization's data strategy and implementation planning activity. It provides a benchmark against which all future work can then be measured.

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