What is a DMM assessment and how to get more information about it?

In a DMM℠ Assessment, a certified Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) facilitates the evaluation of your program against the Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model's documented best practices. A DMM Assessment is a workshop-based process that rapidly identifies an organization’s current capabilities, their maturity levels and practice areas where additional capabilities are required.

The result of the assessment is a detailed report of recommendations used to guide the organization's data strategy and implementation planning activity. It provides a benchmark against which all future work can then be measured.

Benefits of the Data Management Maturity Assessment include:

  • An Independent, Objective Evaluation from a neutral 3rd party of skilled, experienced facilitators
  • Rapid Results - the assessment is performed over a only a three week period
  • Actionable Recommendations that are validated and prioritized based on input from stakeholders
  • Organizational / Stakeholder Buy-In through a new common language and vision
  • Consensus and Prioritization of stakeholders for proposed improvement initiatives

The DMM Assessment is delivered in three phases:

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