End-of-course Survey

End-of-course surveys are now available online. Students will be provided a link to complete the survey at the conclusion of their course.

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Per the policy:

Instructors must make the link available to students by the end of the course. Instructors may make accessible by adding the link to slides, writing the link on the whiteboard, emailing or texting to students, or using any other reasonable method. The survey is designed to work particularly well on mobile devices. 

Survey results are not required to close out a course, however, the End-of-course Survey should be promoted at the end of all introductory courses. Instructors are asked to allow the last 15 minutes of the course for students to complete the surveys, however, students may be given up to 48 hours to complete the survey if no access is available during the course.

Instructors automatically receive any surveys submitted by their students and the CMMI Institute will publish aggregate survey results quarterly so that instructors can compare their results to the results of other instructors.

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