Certified CMMI Associate

The Certified CMMI® Associate is designed to credential your knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts essential to all three CMMI models:  CMMI for Acquisition, CMMI for Development, and CMMI for Services.

Each Certified CMMI Associate is listed on our website so they can gain global recognition for their knowledge of CMMI. The directory of Certified CMMI Associates can be found here.

For more information on the prerequisites and the certifying exam, visit the CMMI Associate certification page. Prior work experience is not necessary.

The Certified CMMI® Associate credential is valid for three years. To renew the credential, the individual must retake and pass the CMMI Associate certification exam. For more information on the CMMI Associate certification exam, see here.

For more information on how to grow your career using CMMI Institute certifications, see here.

See also: Certified CMMI Professional

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