Describe the relationship between the different "clocks" and time deadlines described in the MDD.

Sampling Clock: We explain the timeframes for sample generation and have illustrations in the MDD and training. A sampling request could be requested the night before the start of the onsite period of the appraisal (although this may introduce risks to the plan).

Registration Clock: The appraisal must be registered in the Appraisal System no less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the appraisal - this means that the appraisal system record should be as complete as possible (i.e., the plan should be entered) at that time.

Conduct Appraisal Clock: The conduct phase of the appraisal must be completed in 90 days (or less) from the beginning of the phase. This clock starts when evidence is initially analyzed.

Reporting Clock: The ATL must submit the appraisal record, and all required artifacts within 30 days of the completion of the conduct phase. If the record is submitted beyond that, the CMMI Institute will not publish the results of the appraisal, and reserves the right to reject the results

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