Can an organization conduct a Sustainment appraisal at the end of the 3-year validity period of a Benchmark appraisal?

No. An organization must decide within 2 years that they wish to explore the possibility of conducting a Sustainment appraisal. An organization cannot elect to conduct a Sustainment appraisal after the 2-year mark. If the Organization Unit (OU) is eligible (per the MDD requirements), and the sponsor decides to conduct a Sustainment appraisal, the prior Benchmark appraisal's validity period is reduced to 2 years. If the OU fails to sustain its ratings from the Benchmark, appraisal then it is are no longer valid, and the rating from the Sustainment appraisal is what is applicable. This includes a maximum of 3 Sustainment appraisals, after which another Benchmark must be conducted to maintain the rating. A Sustainment appraisal cannot be used to raise the rating.

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