What is the CMMI Cybermaturity Platform?

Cybersecurity is the #1 corporate governance challenge today — yet 87 percent of C-suite professionals and board members lack confidence in their company’s cybersecurity capabilities. Many CISOs and CSOs focus on implementing standards and frameworks, but what good is compliance if it doesn’t improve your overall cybersecurity resilience?

While organizations can’t avoid every disruption that comes along, those with true cyber resilience are better prepared to detect and identify incidents, deflect, minimize or eliminate threats, and endure unavoidable attacks successfully.

The CMMI Cybermaturity Platform is designed to help you get there. Providing a risk-based approach to measuring and managing security risks in the context of your business mission and strategy, this cybersecurity capability maturity model solution:

     -Offers a unique cybersecurity risk assessment framework to simplify security gap analysis

     -Prioritizes a customized roadmap of improvements based on your organization’s unique                cybersecurity risks

     -Provides an evidence-based approach for assessing, optimizing and reporting on cyber                  capabilities

     -Helps you implement leading frameworks, stay ahead of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and        threats most relevant to your business, and build board confidence in your cyber programs

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