How can I get access to the Method Definition Document ( MDD ) for CMMI Appraisals

The CMMI Method Definition Document ( MDD ) provides the defined set of methods for conducting appraisals relative to the CMMI model.
The audience for the Method Definition Document (MDD) is primarily CMMI experts (appraisers and instructors). When non-CMMI experts read the MDD, they often may have questions or concerns because they are not the intended audience. These questions or concerns are ultimately best handled between the appraised organization and the organization's CMMI Lead Appraiser.
The CMMI V2.0 MDD is not included as part of the course materials for any students, purchasers of the CMMI model, or Appraisal Team Members (ATMs -- during an appraisal event the appraiser may share/display his or her copy of the MDD for the team to use).
For these reasons, the MDD is available as a separate item for purchase from our site ( but the MDD is not provided by default to anyone other than Certified CMMI Lead Appraisers and Instructors. (Appraisers and instructors can find details about this in the policy for CMMI Partners here -- note that this link can only be opened by CMMI Partners.)
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