CMMI Appraisal System (CAS) Help Videos

Help videos for the CMMI Appraisal System (CAS) have been broken out by topic or feature, for your easy access:

Feature Overview
My Appraisals
Appraisal Dashboard
Appraisal Name and Type
Organizational Info
Organizational Units (OU)
Appraisal Timeline
Target Level
Target Level Details
Appraisal Sponsor
Create Appraisal Team
ATM Training Schedule
Team Member Experience and Responsibilities
Appraisal Sponsor Role and Responsibilities
OU Appraisal Participants
Participant Responsibilities
Organizational Support Functions in Scope
OU Sample Eligible Projects
Sampling Factors
Sampling Factor Values
Project Subgroups
Project Subgroup Assignment
Organizational Support Function PA Exceptions
OU Project PA Exceptions
Projects to Include in Random Sample
Sample Scope
Random Sample Creation
Project Substitution
Random Sample Acceptance
Sample Addition
Sampled Project Details
Required Outputs
Optional Outputs
OE Collection Approach
OE Collection Techniques
Responsibility for Collection
Performance Report Collection Approach
Summary of Initial OE
Data Collection Timing
Additional Information
Readiness Reviews
Resource Effort Estimate
Logistical Requirements
Appraisal Constraints
Risk Identification and Management
COI Identification and Management
Optional Follow-On Activities
Confidentiality and Non Attribution
Appraisal Plan Summary and Signature
Supporting Document Upload
Practice Level Characterizations
Practice Area Ratings
APR Request
Team Feedback Forms
Appraisal Artifacts
Sign Final Findings
Appraisal Disclosure Statement
Submit Appraisal

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