Adding Appraisal Sponsor to CAS

Appraisal Team Leaders can now add an Appraisal Sponsor to an appraisal in the CMMI Appraisal System (CAS) without needing an administrator to intervene on the back end.

Adding an Appraisal Sponsor

Prerequisites: The Appraisal Sponsor must have registered on the CMMI Institute website. Appraisal Sponsor must have an account on CMMI's website. Existing users can login here: and to create an account click here: Make note of the name and email address used for the account and sponsor should let the appraiser know what name and email address the account is under.

Step 1a: In CAS when you go to the Appraisal Sponsor page. You enter a name to search for a Sponsor and if they are already in the system you get the below result. You then hit Select and add them to your appraisal.


Step 1b: However, if they were not already in CAS then you would receive the following result.


Step 2: Your next step is to select “Go to Community Search” Where you can now search the larger CMMI Community database.


The system then returns all the users in the database with that name.


Step 3: You then find the appropriate person if more than one and select “Import” and they are now added to the CAS system and your appraisal.

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